Kirandeep Rayat is a Punjabi Actor, and Model associated with the Punjabi Film Industry.

Youngest Punjabi actor | Kirandeep Rayat

If you look at the list of the top Punjabi actors then KirandeepRayat is all set to be somewhere near the top of this list. With two films released in quick succession he has already made a space for himself in this industry in a very short time.

The main reason that Kirandeep Youngest Punjabi actor  has portrayed himself as a serious actor is that he is not really acting for money. In fact, he did not take a single rupee for his role in his first film Jindra. He is able to choose the right meaty roles in good Punjabi movies because he already has a strong business background. Hence although his advent in the world of Punjabi movies is as a new Punjabi hero, he has already carved a niche for himself and has already signed some good scripts.

Hence we can safely presume that Kirandeep will soon be listed among the top 10 Punjabi actors. The best part about Kirandeep’s roles in his first two movies is that the two characters are totally different. The first role of Jassa is an innocent and a little foolish young man who gets involved with the wrong kind of people and ends up in jail for murder. On the other hand there is the character in the second movie Saunh mitti di in which he has acted as a young but matured Punjabi farmer. This character is so much in love with his motherland, that he actually studies agriculture and also takes part in the farmer’s protest near Delhi borders.

The maturity with which he has played both the roles is amazing and although he has not attended acting school, he is a naturally good actor. Both his in initial movies have been received well, not just by the rural population of Punjab, but also urbanites. These movies are also popular among the Punjabis in Delhi and Kirandeep’s roles in these two movies have created a space for him as the no 1 actor in Punjab in a very short time.

The best part is that his family business has expanded into film making and the production house will soon start making a 3 hour long feature film with a message not just for the people of Punjab, but the entire country. When questioned about the fact that by when Kirandeep will become one of the top 10 Punjabi actors? He is quite sure of the fact that it will be soon enough. With his charming good looks and totally natural acting he is being approached by many Punjabi film makers who want to cash in on the popularity that this actor has gained in Punjab in a very short time.

The best part of this actor is that the success has not gone to his head and he still is connected to his roots. Well raised and well educated – he is an engineer – he is an idol, for the youth of Punjab. In fact, he too wants each of his films to send forth a message and remove the tag of comedy on Punjabi films. It is true that not many Punjabi films have the right kind of depth. This is what makes KirandeepRayat stand a cut above his competition in the area of Punjabi movies.

Why he emerge as a Youngest Punjabi hero in punjab

Kirandeep rayat Youngest Punjabi hero in punjab is a fast and good learner and has soon understood the importance of the roles that he plays in his movies. He not only portrays serious roles, instead the characters he plays have their soft and romantic side as well. The best part is that he has played the roles of young Punjabi lads along with the mature and rather aged Jassa in Jindra. Hence we can expect him to become the no 1 actor in Punjab very soon.