Kirandeep Rayat is a Punjabi Actor, and Model associated with the Punjabi Film Industry.

New Punjabi movie star

Kirandeep Rayat Punjabi new punjabi movie star, we know him by this name now but before achieving this title and fame what was his life like. Kirandeep Rayat is an outgoing person and believes to live every moment to the fullest. His entire day is packed with activities to improve his health and well-being apart from fulfilling his duties towards his parents and siblings.

New Punjabi movie star | Kirandeep Rayat Workout Routine

New Punjabi movie star Kirandeep Rayat works out regularly and he always plans his workout and makes it interesting by combining different techniques.

  •  4 days a week of heavy free weight strength training for muscles for 40 minutes.
  • every alternative week day of Plyometric training every alternate weekday for cardio for 30 minutes
  • Twice a week of Power stretching for joint flexibility and tendons strengthening for 30 minutes.
  • Followed by a 45mins casual walk on rest day.

For Kirandeep Rayat, getting up early and working out frequently are the reasons behind his extraordinarily fit figure. He adheres to the advice to start your journey to health and fitness with proper nutrition. The JINDRA actor likes to take his workouts outdoors and play around with different forms like dance, calisthenics, weight lifting as well as rock climbing.

Lets have a look at most famous actor Kirandeep Rayat Diet Chart      

Kirandeep Rayat who is the most famous actor in pollywood follows a very strict regime and why not, all the sweat and hard work needs to be backed up with a proper diet regime. His dietician makes sure to keep him away from simple carbohydrates like sugar, cakes, sugared drinks, sweets, potato, etc. He includes a lot of proteins from the natural sources and protein powder.

He is very strong-minded when it comes to the diet regime – no cheating allowed!! Except on a cheat day and that too he relishes Pan Asian which is his favourite. Kirandeep Rayat is also a foodie and love to taste different cuisines and try out different dishes. He has eaten in some very good restaurants and of course Punjabi food is cooked at his home as a norm.


In the selfie that he shared, Kirandeep Rayat flaunted his handsome face with glowing eyes while taking a photo from his high-end phone. From what one can observe from his selfie, it seems that he is fond of the color white contrasting with purple which is why he is wearing a white shirt underneath purple sweatshirt with a matching turban and a stylish beard look making us winter ready.

Why this pollywood actor Kirandeep Rayat a Savvy Entrepreneur

Now, when we talk about our New Punjabi Hero, Kirandeep Rayat is not only an amazing actor but also a great entrepreneur which sets him as an excellent role model for today’s youth and motivates them that you can be intelligent and creative at the same time. By qualification Kirandeep Rayat is an engineer, an entrepreneur of a big home appliances company, from his teenage days was passionate about acting and modeling and when life gave him an opportunity he made sure to get best out of it.

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