Kirandeep Rayat is a Punjabi Actor, and Model associated with the Punjabi Film Industry.

Who is the best Pollywood actor?

The land of five rivers is not just well-known for its excellent agriculture and its contribution to the country’s granaries. On the other hand the state of Punjab is known for its colourful culture and the Punjabi Mundas and Kudis are known for their beauty. Until not very long ago the Punjabi film industry was not really popular even among the Punjabis who preferred Bollywood movies

However, the last decade has seen the rise of the Punjabi film industry as a powerful entity in its own. Fondly known as Pollywood, the Punjabi film industry however, has to search for new talent and this is how Kirandeep Rayat appeared on the scene of Pollywood as the best Pollywood actor with his first movie Jindra.

The new Punjabi movie star

Kirandeep’s new Punjabi movie star birth place is Delhi and he has spent his years of education and upbringing in this city itself. However, from what we discussed with Kirandeep, he has a very good command of the Punjabi language and he has taken pains to maintain a relationship with his motherland through distant relatives. This is the reason he understands the depth of the topic of his first film Jindra and has lent his own style to the main male character of Jassa.

Of course, we all know that the younger generation of Punjab is going astray with drugs, gambling etc. and Kirandeep through his first film has sent out a strong social message against these. Even though he is a Delhite through and through he has portrayed the angst of the youth of Punjab because they are unable to live the kind of life that they want to live. This and the comparison with other friends who have relatives abroad sending them money or who themselves have gone abroad and established themselves securely in some or the other lucrative profession.

In order to make their dreams come true they take to drugs and alcohol and even crime at times. Of course many of them are innocent in themselves, but get carried away due to bad company. Here the vicious people around them make them fall for the short cuts to earn money (like gambling) and destroy their lives. With his authentic portrayal of the character of Jassa he has wowed the audience who have seen the movie on the Chaupal OTT. He has become a new Punjabi movie star with the right attitude to fly high in this industry.

The best Punjabi film star

The best Punjabi film star can be considered to be the one who understands the psyche of the audience of Punjab and elsewhere. Punjabis are known for their large hearted attitude and friendly nature and they are also known as being among some of the most hard-working societies. The farmers especially are very hard working and they also try to teach this attitude to their progeny. However, young lads like jassa want to rise to the stars in one go and instead they fall in the mud and lose even what they have.

The best part is that the audience has accepted KirandeepRayat as one of the best Punjabi film star because of his stellar performance in his very first film. The best part is that he has put in the same effort in his second film Saunhmitti di and once again portrayed a young farmer of Punjab. Opposite to Jassa this character is in love with his motherland and wants to become a great success in the field of farming. So much so that he studies agriculture in college and becomes a novelty as an educated farmer.

This young lad is faced with the wrong laws created by the government and he protests against them along with his brethren. Of course the story shows him to be rebellious against injustice along with his emotional side and social behaviour. Just like Jindra, even the second film has a lot of promise and will definitely be a feather in the cap for Kirandeep.

The best Pollywood actor

Although at this instance it is difficult to say whether or not KirandeepRayat is the best Pollywood actor, but his debut film and the other one following it, promise to make him shine among the stars of Pollywood and create a wonderful career path. What’s more, Kirandeep has not just stopped at acting in Punjabi films, but soon he is launching his own production house which shows his entrepreneurial side. This is because he is actually an entrepreneur turned actor and has not lost his Midas touch. For more of his daily life updates, you can follow him on social media sites like facebook and Instagram.