Kirandeep Rayat is a Punjabi Actor, and Model associated with the Punjabi Film Industry.

Who is the most famous actor in Punjab?

The Punjabi film industry has really come of age and youngsters are becoming stars in Pollywood. There are some actors who have become famous in a short time and that too with small budget films.

However, KirandeepRayat is all set to become the most famous actor in Punjab. Not only this, he is also in the process of establishing his own production house. Of course, KirandeepRayat has taken on the Punjabi film industry in his stride as a mature actor with excellent command on the characters that he has portrayed in his first two films as a male lead. However, originally he comes from a Business family and the entrepreneur in him has led to the inception of his own production house. He has dedicated himself to the Punjabi film industry with the same finesse that he earlier showed in running his family owned business.

Is Kirandeep the youngest Punjabi actor?

It is true that Kirandeep entered the film industry a little late in life – He is born in 1982. However, he has successfully portrayed the life and challenges of a Punjabi boy living in one of the villages in Punjab quite capably. It is to be noticed that he did not just portray this character with complete finesse, adopting the accent, attitude and other attributes that make up the character. He has acted as the young lad and his older version both quite well. In spite of being an urban person who was born and raised in Delhi, he has been able to capture the ethos of the rural Punjabi lad quite well. Of course, he may not be the youngest Punjabi actor, but if you consider his entry into the Punjabi film industry, he is completely new and hence can be considered to be one of the youngest Punjabi actor in Pollywood.

Punjabi male actors in Bollywood

The Punjabi film industry has seen a lot of growth in the recent years and KirandeepRayat’s entry into this industry has been synchronised with the entry of a few well-known Punjabi male actors in Bollywood. Although Kirandeep is not averse to performing in a Bollywood movie, but his basic passion is Punjabi cinema. During the making of his first two films he has acquainted himself with the ethos of the rural Punjab quite well. At the same time, he is also quite compassionate towards the farmers in this state. He identifies very well with their lives, challenges and their contribution to the nation.

The best part is that both his movies carry a very important and strong message to the youth of Punjab who is going astray with drugs, alcohol and gambling. This has been portrayed in both his characters and although there is nothing common between the two characters he has played in the two films, still they carry a message for the young generation of Punjab. Kirandeep’sempathy for the farmers of Punjab is quite obvious and when asked he also says that his main focus in Punjabi film industry will be rural Punjab. However, he is not averse to making films in an urbanised setting as long as they carry a message for the youth of Punjab.

Most famous actor in Punjab

When a person enters any field, he or she wants to be the best in that field and this applies to KirandeepRayat quite strongly. He has not only successfully completed two Punjabi films as an actor, but has also started his own production house which will focus mainly on Punjabi films that are connected to the heart of Punjab – its villages and fields. Such is his dedication to acting that he actually took up his role in the first film without any remuneration. With his passion towards acting and a fine eye for excellence in his own roles, he can be expected to lend the same passion for excellence to the films being made in his own production house.

Hence, KirandeepRayat is all set to become the most famous actor in Punjab as his first two films promise. At the same time, the audience will also revel in the wonderful world of classy Punjabi films, which will most of the times be associated with his good work both as an actor and as a producer of good Punjabi films.For more updates follow him on social media.