Kirandeep Rayat is a Punjabi Actor, and Model associated with the Punjabi Film Industry.

Kirandeep Rayat amazing actor plus entrepreneur

Punjabi cinema or Pollywood has reached the height of popularity in recent years all over the world, but this in no way, makes Punjabi actors of the latest years lesser than their modern correspondents.

Pollywood actor Kirandeep Rayat always makes sure to surprise his fans in more ways than one. The actor treated his fans to a new selfie on his official Instagram handle. For those who do not know, the Top Punjabi actor of Pollywood has about 88.3K followers on Instagram. As a treat to his fans, the actor shared his first selfie of the day in a Black Shirt.

Now, when we talk about our New Punjabi Hero, Kirandeep Rayat is not only an amazing actor but also a great entrepreneur which sets him as an excellent role model for today’s youth and motivates them that you can be intelligent and creative at the same time. By qualification Kirandeep Rayat is an engineer, an entrepreneur of a big home appliances company, from his teenage days was passionate about acting and modeling and when life gave him an opportunity he made sure to get best out of it. In his debut movie JINDRA he amazed the audience by his stunning performance and was well appreciated for the fact that he did not look new to the field felt like he is a gifted talent, his acting, expressions, dialogues, timing everything was just phenomenal where he showcases how deeply he feels his character and is committed to his role.

His roots go back to a village named PANDORI KADD, district Hoshiarpur in Punjab and still had some relatives living there. There was a little farming being done also although not much. Then thought of dressing up for a village visit never occurred to Him and thought of wearing my dark green turban which represented the green of the fields of Punjab. The thing that makes Kirandeep Rayat feel pride is the fact that he started from being a tiktok star, dreamt of the big screen secretly and nurtured a wish to become a name in the Punjabi film industry someday. Although, it happened a little late in life, but it took pollywood a big stride.

It would not be wrong to say that Punjab film industry has got its 1st natural actor who is always thriving for perfection.


In the selfie that he shared, Kirandeep Rayat flaunted his million-dollar smile while taking a photo from his high-end phone. From what one can observe from his selfie, it seems that he is fond of the color black which is why he is wearing a black kurta with a matching turban and a stylish beard look.


Did you know Actor/Entrepreneur, Kirandeep Rayat starts his day by going to the gym and working out intensely which is why we see him looking stunning and in shape. He follows his diets but is very fond of food even so he has control over his diet and is extremely health conscious. Kirandeep Rayat is also a foodie and love to taste different cuisines and try out different dishes. He has eaten in some very good restaurants and of course Punjabi food is cooked at his home as a norm. His favorite food items include chicken and lassie.


It wasn’t until Kirandeep Rayat was 38 that he got his big break in the movie “Jindra,” where he played the lead role, Jassa Singh who got manipulated by falling into the wrong group of people at an early age. Jassa starts using drugs and gets himself into trouble for murder, for which he is sentenced to 20 years in prison making the film thrilling and interesting also, the movie was released on the Chaupal OTT platform.

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