Kirandeep Rayat is a Punjabi Actor, and Model associated with the Punjabi Film Industry.

Saunh Mitti Di | Kirandeep rayat

It is not just another success story...Saunh Mitti di by Kirandeep rayat. Today the second film with Kirandeep Rayat in the main male lead role, Saunh Mitti di has been released and just like his first film Jindra, Kirandeep has made a mark on the minds of the audience.

These two films are aimed at bringing to light the lives and times of the farmers of Punjab. Until recently Punjabi films were heavy on slapstick comedy, but the two films Jindra and Saunh Mitti Di have taken a deeper and more serious note. Of course this does not mean that there are no light moments in these films.

Kirandeep rayat as Jarnail in Saunh Mitti di

Basically, different emotions of the main male characters played by Kirandeep have expressed a gamut of emotions. Whether it is romance, love for family, anger at injustice even violence for a good cause have been portrayed in the best possible manner and they express the creativity and intelligence possessed by Kirandeep Rayat.

He is not good at just entertaining audiences watching his films but also making sure that the cast and crew of Saunh Mitti Di remained happy while working with him. We already know Kirandeep’s love for cars, but the two movies made in the rural part of Punjab caused him to be fascinated with tractors. The cast and crew of Saunh Mitti di enjoyed Kirandeep driving one of these hefty vehicles.

The movie Saunh Mitti Di also portrays the fashion sense of an educated farmer. From his turbans in excellent prints and designs, which were tied as the farmers of Punjab do, to his wardrobe that shows the educated side of the farmer and yet speaks of his love for the land. Whether it is the scene where he has a face-off argument with the minister of the ruling party in Punjab or the dance with his female lead, Kirandeep has excelled in every way in his second movie.

Saunh Mitti di movie....based on Real farmer struggle

It is heartening to see that a completely urbanized man in his forties is able to pick up even the minor details and nuances of a Punjabi farmer of a much younger age so naturally. His portrayal of farmers is such that the youth of Punjab watching it on Chaupal OTT, will definitely think twice about leaving this fertile land for the lure of foreign countries or the larger cities within the country.

Truly an excellent actor Kirandeep Rayat in his new movie Saunh mitti di also has a soft corner for the rural people which he has portrayed in his films so far. A feature film starring him is already in the offing although it is too early to discuss its details. Needless to say, the actor in Kirandeep is ready to take on any challenges that his various roles offer him.

From making TikTok videos to a mature act in two totally different stories of rural Punjab, he has come a long way and there is no stopping him from growing well as an actor. Kirandeep is seen to have matured in his second movie and is not the one to be satisfied with his best, he tries to improve on that too, and become better than his best.