Kirandeep Rayat is a Punjabi Actor, and Model associated with the Punjabi Film Industry.

Punjabi movie star Kirandeep Rayat

Why we say Kirandeep Rayat is the best Punjabi movie star lets understand.

You need to work really hard in order to become known as a Punjabi film star, because you need to understand the psyche of your target audience. Even in the Punjabi movie industry, there are different genres and where until recently the Punjabi movies were mostly about slap stick comedy and clichéd romantic stories, today’s Pollywood is completely different.

What you should do to become Punjabi movie stars

In order to step into Pollywood, you need to understand that earlier the screening of Punjabi movies was only in the state of Punjab, but now due to the surge in popularity of OTT, even Punjabi-speaking people all over the world are able to see these movies. This is where it becomes even tougher because your target audience has the option to switch to other languages and genres if they don’t like your portrayal of them.

Of course, a lot goes into the making of a Punjabi movie star, but the main thing to bear in mind that a genuine affinity for the state and its culture is important. It is interesting that most of the Punjabi movie stars were born and raised outside the state. In spite of that, they had their roots here and knew the culture of the state quite well. Hence the first step that you need to take in becoming a star here is to appeal to the emotions as well as intellect of the audience who should be able to relate to you on the screen.

Once you decide to become Punjabi movie stars

Once this first doubt is cleared and you really think that Punjabi movies are your calling, then the next thing to do is to visit the state, especially the villages of Punjab. Here you will meet the main audience of your films as Punjabi movie stars. As mentioned by the newest star to shine on the Pollywood horizon – KirandeepRayat – it is necessary to taste the water of the land of five rivers, in order to gain the rhythm of its pulse.

Kirandeep is also a Delhite through and through, but he took the time to study the farming community of this thriving state which was and is still known as the granary of the country. While most Punjabi films are being made for urban viewership, the most popular nowadays are the ones that depict the circumstances of the fields and villages of this bountiful land.

The next step is to look for a producer with a good script and pursue them with your offer to act in their films. It is necessary to either have a natural talent for acting or learn it through hard work, but for being one of the successful Punjabi movie stars it is a necessary talent. So just pick up the cudgels and arrange for a photo shoot and if you get a couple of modeling contracts into your portfolio then it is all the better.

You should also promote yourself on social media platforms and increase your fan following. So that producers look at your popularity and understand the benefit for them in taking you up as the hero or heroine in their next film. Once you get started and hit the right chord with the Punjabi audience then there will be no looking back and your road to stardom will be defined clearly.