Kirandeep Rayat is a Punjabi Actor, and Model associated with the Punjabi Film Industry.

Why becoming a popular Punjabi movie hero is tough

Punjabi films have been around ever since before the partition of the countries and some well-known and popular Punjabi film actors of those times entered Bollywood.

However, many of them chose to stick to their motherland and its depiction in Punjabi movies. Punjabi cinema has come a long way since then and nowadays being a Punjabi movie hero is not easy. This is because the competition has increased and apart from competing amongst themselves, the Punjabi actors also have to compete with popular mainstream cinema.

Competition has become tougher with the introduction of OTT channels due to which they are available to a larger audience. This enhances the risk that a Punjabi filmmaker and the stars takes. There is no other choice but to excel in their craft, so that they can stand abreast the filmmakers and stars who have already gained popularity in this arena. Punjabi films are not limited to comedy and romance as before, but instead nowadays you can find excellent and meaningful stories, like the two recent films of the Punjabi movie hero – KirandeepRayat.

Punjabi movie hero – KirandeepRayat

KirandeepRayat is no longer a newcomer for Punjabi movie audiences, as he is already two movies old and within this short time he has carved a niche for himself in the hearts of Punjabis. Of course Punjab is not just about the handful of Punjabis who live in the larger cities, instead it includes the earlier forgotten Punjabi farmers who do not get what is due to them in spite of their hard work and integrity.

In both his movies, KirandeepRayat has shown empathy towards the farmers of the land of five rivers, who are known to fight against injustice, no matter who the perpetuator is. Kirandeep’s first movie is about a farmer’s lad who gets into bad company and becomes the victim of their felony and life of crime. The very title – Jindra – means a lock and signifies the locks that parents place on their children’s feet in order to save them from such disasters.

Message conveyed by a Punjabi movie hero

Jindra astutely touches a very raw nerve of the average Punjabi because gambling and drugs have become the most wide-spread ills of their society. The film is meant to serve as an eye-opener for the youth of Punjabi villages. On the other hand, Kirandeep’s second film as a Punjabi movie hero is about the long-drawn struggle by the Punjabi farmers started just before the COVID pandemic hit. The name of the movie is SaunhMtti Di, which literally means, “I swear by my soil’.

These brave souls kept up their non-violent resistance to the unjust laws that were detrimental to their valid interests. The farmers pitched their tents on the borders of Delhi and continued their protest in spite of the scourge of COVID and finally the government repealed the laws, when it saw the truth and logic in their demands.

Hence, there are the Punjabi actors who simply act in films to make money and earn popularity. However, KirandeepRayat and his film directors and producers have worked for the betterment of the farmer community in Punjab. This has made him a popular Punjabi movie hero, who wants to stand by his brethren in the villages of Punjab.

Audiences look forward to more from this actor and his directors/producers. And Kirandeep too seems to be eager to supply the voracious audiences with the exact flavor that they prefer. It is confirmed that a third movie is already in the making and will be presented on the large screen along with OTT platforms.