Kirandeep Rayat is a Punjabi Actor, and Model associated with the Punjabi Film Industry.

The main hero of Saunh Mitti Di – Kirandeep Rayat

On 25th the audience will have the pleasure of watching Kirandeep Rayat new movie SaunhMitti Di.

 This is the story of a passionate young Punjabi farmer,Jarnail Singh who loves his motherland and stands up to fight against injustice being meted out to the average farmer of Punjab. Most people are aware of the Punjabi craze of going abroad and many youngsters from the farmer community leave their fields and go abroad in search of a fortune that they never get most of the time.

Hero of Saunh Mitti di Movie | Kirandeep Rayat

Opposite to this Jarnail Singh – hero of Saunh Mitti Di movie – is so much in love with his fields and the land of Punjab that he actually takes farming a notch higher, by studying agriculture formally in a college. This makes him quite popular with the average farmer who was until then using more or less outdated methods of farming. Jarnail Singh breathes new life and enthusiasm in the farmers of his community so that they too start using new and advanced techniques of farming thus yielding better produce.

With some other youngsters who share his passion for the land, he takes up the cudgels to fight against the injustice being meted out to him and his fellow farmers. Until that time, mostly the farmers were silently bearing some or the other injustice, but with the encouragement from an educated farmer Jarnail Singh, they too prepare to fight against unjust laws of the government.

Kirandeep Rayat new movie 

We are all aware of the farmers’ agitation on Delhi borders where the farmers of Punjab got together and started a year-long protest against which the government had to give in and repeal the unjust laws. The Kirandeep Rayat new upcoming movie is based on that very true incident. Of course, there is the dramatization of facts that is necessary for the making of any movie. However, the scriptwriter and director have tried their best to stick to the original story and bring to the audience the problems faced by farmers in Punjab.

It is a well-known fact that the farmers in most of the states are being dealt the short end of the stick and some of them are forced to sell their lands and move to the larger cities where they are unable to find proper employment and end up becoming laborers. Of course, the situation in Punjab is not so bad and the state is rightly known as the granary of India. However, even the modernized farmers here are facing a lot of difficulties. On one hand, there is pressure to work with minimal support from authorities. Then there is the land mafia which tries to snatch away productive land from the farmers and wants to build multi-storeyed buildings there.

However, under the astute leadership of Jarnail Singh played by Kirandeep Rayat main hero of Saunh Mitti Di, the farmers young and old come together and take an oath by their land that they will fight to the finish. As announced by Jarnail Singh in a pivotal scene in the movie, he encourages his brethren to fight and win or die in the process. We all know that the farmers’ agitation was a success and the government was compelled to withdraw the unjust laws which worked against the farming community of Punjab.

Who is the main hero of Saunh Mitti Di

This does not mean that there are no softer sides to the character played by KirandeepRayat, who is the main hero of Saunh Mitti Di. He is shown to be a young man with dreams in his heart, along with love for a girl and commitment to his family. But all said and done, his love for his land and his commitment to the farmers of Punjab exceed his personal feelings and ambitions. The movie will not just be released on OTT, but also on the big screen, and with the response that the teasers and trailers are getting, it is bound to be a hit.