Kirandeep Rayat is a Punjabi Actor, and Model associated with the Punjabi Film Industry.

Best Punjabi film actor

The popularity of Punjabi films has been increasing in the last few years and many a Punjabi film actor has gained entry into the sizzling Bollywood movie roles.

The reason behind this rising popularity is the improvement in the new Punjabi film actor and directors who have polished their talents taking a cue from the national and international film arena. Earlier most Punjabi movies relied on slap stick comedy and other methods which became stale after a while.

Now if you watch some good Punjabi movies with the best Punjabi film actor in them, you will be pleasantly surprised by the maturity with which they have been made. The technical aspects of the Punjabi films have also improved a great deal and when it comes to the best Punjabi film actor, then one rising name is on every Punjabi movie enthusiast’s mind. And this is the name of KirandeepRayat who is just two movies old in the Punjabi film arena.

What makes Kirandeep Rayat the best Punjabi film actor?

You will be surprised at the passion that Kirandeep has for acting in meaningful roles. For instance, he worked free of cost in his first film ‘Jindra’. At the same time, he also chose a meaningful story for his second movie. In both these movies the hardships faced by the youth in the farming community of Punjab have been brought to the fore for people to observe and lend an ear of empathy towards them.

Both these films deal with the current situation of Punjabi youth where the youngsters are going astray looking for easy money and getting entangled in gambling, drugs and other maladies. They are also leaving the villages to go and settle in the larger cities of Punjab or making way to the metropolis of Delhi.

A man from the same soil of Punjab and yet removed from his roots, Kirandeep as an excellent Punjabi film actor wants to encourage the youth of Punjab to remain close to their roots. At the same time, he also understands that the farmers of Punjab are facing a tough time while dealing with land mafias and brokers who are robbing them of their right to their land. To add to this the government does not show empathy towards them and created the unjust three laws – a true event on which the film SaunhMitti Di is based.

Best Punabi film actor raising concern about farmers’ plight

KirandeepRayat has his roots in rural Punjab even though he has been born and raised in Delhi. He feels the pull of these roots, and he has made it a point to make youngsters realise the importance of being close to their roots. This is the reason that in his second film SaunhMitti Di, he has played the role of an educated young farmer, who loves his land and studies farming formally before he starts tilling his land.

This movie shows us many things like sibling rivalry caused by greed and avarice, corruption among the politicians and much more. The film SaunhMitti Di is actually based on a true life incident of the farmer’s protest on the border of Delhi which continued for around 11 months. In the end the government had to bow to the demands made by the farmers and the unjust three laws were repealed.

Polished as an actor

Of course, with his passion for fitness and body building, Kirandeep Rayat is also popular as a model. However, it is interesting to know that he does not have any background in films of any language. Instead he has graduated as an engineer from an esteemed institute in Delhi. At the same time, he is also an entrepreneur and takes active part in his family business of manufacturing and selling electrical appliances. In spite of his varied experiences in life, Kirandeep has managed to balance all his different roles in life with aplomb just as this Punjabi film actor has balanced his roles in both his movies.

Such maturity on part of a newbie in Pollywood is quite commendable, and although his first two films were meant for the Chaupal OTT platform, but work is going on to create a full-fledged feature films for the big screen. As his fans and Punjabi film enthusiasts are waiting eagerly for his next release, this Punjabi film actor is honing his skills to wow the audiences of the big screen as well.